About Social Media Club Seattle

Social Media Club was started in 2006 by Chris Heuer, co-founders and partner at The Conversation Group, and Kristie Wells, Co-Founder and President of Social Media Club with the core mission of:

  1. Expand Media Literacy
  2. Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
  3. Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
  4. Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions

There are active Social Media Clubs in 33 cities, with 37 more forming even as I write this. Seattle’s own Social Media Club officially kicks off 1/20/09 with a future so bright, we have to wear shades. Join us as we share and explore and learn from one another about the expanding universe of Social Media.

3 responses to “About Social Media Club Seattle

  1. I think this club looks great!

  2. Great idea! Let me know what I can do to be of help. I run a blog to help nonprofits with fundraising and social media.

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