3 Sold Out SMCSeattle events in a row…Curious about how to sponsor one?

We’ve had amazing attendance at each Social Media Club event here in Seattle, from the first one in January to the latest in March. We’ve had the generous support of great sponsors like Spring Creek Group and Visible Technologies, Microsoft, and most recently H+R Block. So maybe you’re thinking: how can we get in on the action and sponsor one of these things?

Here’s what:

SMC Seattle holds monthly gatherings with 100-250 attendees. These events range from informal events, panel discussions and a speakers’ series discussing social media, and how businesses and people can best use the technology. Our sponsor plays an important role in the development of the events, and each event can be tailored to meet their needs.

Sponsorship Benefits:

• Sponsor logo visibility on all promotional materials for the event, including blog, Facebook, Eventbrite tickets, email invitations, advertising and marketing material.
• Access to attendee list before and after the event
• Visual presence of sponsors throughout the event venue (signage, marketing material, etc.)
• Sponsors can setup and man an information/sales booth if desired
• Product Demos at event are strongly encouraged
• An allotment of tickets to the event for sponsor’s employees
• Opportunity to speak during the event
• Favorable PR through tweets from SMC Seattle’s Twitter account (1000+ followers), email blasts, messages to members of our Facebook group (500+), plus other traditional advertising we do for the event
• Access to the online influencers of Seattle and the Northwest, both during the event and through the SMC Seattle network leading up to the event. This is your opportunity to reach the online influencers and have them talk, blog, and tweet about your company or product.

Sponsorship Cost:

2 sponsorship opportunities
• Venue fee + catering
• Drinks
The estimate cost is $1,500 each.

And a little bit more….

The goal of SMC Seattle is to build a community where diverse groups of people who are interested in social media can come together to discover, connect, share, and learn. The event attendees consist of journalists, publishers, bloggers, consultants, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students and other new media collaborators. Your sponsorship will reach a wide variety of influencers and contributors–just the kind of people you want to connect with.

We want to hear from you! If you want more information, here are the channels:

Blog: https://seattlesmc.wordpress.com/
Facebook Group: Seattle Social Media Club
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SMCSeattle
We use EventBrite for event tickets.

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