Social Media Club Seattle 2/24 Event: the post-game plan

You were just thinking: hey wait a minute, 6:30-8:45 to mix it up with the SMCSeattle gang in Redmond? Waa, that’s not enough time.

Well, that’s exactly what we were thinking, too. So we’ve planned a post-event gathering at the nearby Redmond Matador (map below). Meet us there after the event for more liquid sustenance and networking!

Tues, 2/24 lines up like this:

When, Part 1: 6:30-8:45pm, Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009,

Where: Microsoft Redmond campus (Muchisimas gracias a Microsoft for hosting this SMCSeattle event!) (3900 148th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052)

Who: doh…You! Also, Danielle Morrill of Seattle 2.0 will be live streaming the Chris Heuer and post-game event, so watch for that as well.

Tickets: $10, get ‘em here. Oops! All sold out!

When, Part 2: Redmond Matador for after-event fun and games. Be there.

5 responses to “Social Media Club Seattle 2/24 Event: the post-game plan

  1. I might as well post here too that I am looking for a ticket to this sold out event. 😉

  2. Me too
    @thinkmaya on twitter.
    @ me if you have a ticket for me!

  3. Thanks–you can always come to the Redmond Matador after the event to meet the SMCSeattle gang. Alas, the Microsoft site has a space limit–hopefully in the future we’ll get even bigger sponsored space for these events! (hint: know any companies out there who might want to sponsor?)

    Join the Facebook group for up to date news on future events:

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