The Obama Inauguration + Social Media Club Seattle kick-off: 1.20.09

How perfect is it that SMCSeattle’s kick-off party is the same day as the inauguration of Barack Obama, our 44th president? Pretty perfect, imho. Here’s why:

  • Obama’s campaign wrote the book on successful leveraging of social media–from facebook, to twitter, to myspace, blogs and more, the Obama campaign did it all and spectacularly well!
  • Obama raised and continues to raise record amounts of money, bit by little bit, all across the country–truly the actualization of those theoretical “netroots”
  • Obama, by all accounts, “gets it,” to the degree that he thinks having a National CTO is an important idea
  • How cool is it that Obama has a site,, devoted to getting the message out in all kinds of geeky social media ways?
  • Finally, use of social media wasn’t a campaign tactic; use of social media is the obvious and turbo extension of Community Organizing–organizing, empowering, energizing, all key components of Obama’s successful leverage of social media, and these features will continue into his administration and beyond.

Barack Obama's Twitter Account Nov. 5, 2008: 165,414 followers

So, we sorta think that once the formalities of the swearing in, the speeches, the interviews and the grand spectacle of 1 million people witnessing as our 44th president takes office–once all that’s done, what better place to be than joining a whole bunch of passionate advocates of social media in all its ever-expanding forms at the SMCSeattle kick off event.

Where: Visible Technologies 401 2nd Ave S
Seattle, 98104

When: 6-8:30pm 1.20.09

Who: sponsored for YOU by Visible Technologies and Spring Creek Group

Why: because you, like Obama and millions of others, get it.


2 responses to “The Obama Inauguration + Social Media Club Seattle kick-off: 1.20.09

  1. This is going to be great fun, and I do love the sychronicity of the events. Look forward to meeting you soon. Great post!

  2. Great post! The best part is that all of the inauguration festivities will be over by the time the SMC Seattle event starts anyway.


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