What does Social Media Club Seattle do? Come on down 1/20/09 for more…

Social Media Club Seattle

So, maybe you’re thinking of dropping by our Resolve to Reconnect Launch Party on 1.20.09 (more info here) but are also kind of wondering what does a Social Media Club do?

Of course the mother ship Social Media Club founded by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells is busy doing a bunch of stuff like offering a Social Media Innovation Camp in December, or back in November a meeting to discuss five Silicon Valley case studies of company use of social media–how they did it, what worked, what could have been better.

They also keep a calendar of events across all other Social Media Club branches that’s of interest.

But elsewhere, the vibe is alive and well, so to give you an idea of what Social Media Clubs do, here’s a rundown of a few, admittedly holiday centric, recent events:

Social Media Club Boston is holding pretty interesting meeting this month on The Social Media Republic and will have three guest speakers discussing change dot gov.

Down in Texas, Austin and San Antonio joined their collective Social Media Club forces at the Tres Hermanas Cantina in San Marcos for a joint holiday party and networking event.

Social Media Club Louisville also had a good holiday party with prizes and fun stuff. In November they had a “What’s in the Toolbox” discussion of all kinds of social media apps and latest cool and groovy toys.

In November, Phoenix Social Media Club gave a discussion on specific uses of social media by local internet company Best Party Ever.

Social Media Club Cleveland (“A community for social media champions“) will meet in February to discuss how to make social media less “scary” for the lay person, and related, how to build communities that will make Cleveland a high visibility social media hub.

We’re just laying down the path for Social Media Club Seattle and hope you’ll join us at our kick-off sponsored by Visible Technologies and Spring Creek Group to give voice to what matters to you, the social-media-curious, the social-media-expert, the social-media-advocate. Hope to see you on 1.20.08 at Visible Technologies!


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